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Personal Empowerment Through Shamanic Journeying & Transformative Practices - Altoona, PA

  • Shari Hinish Yoga 865 40th Street, Altoona, Pennsylvania 16601 (map)

Personal Empowerment Through Shamanic Journeying & Transformative Practices

Location: Shari Hinish Yoga in Altoona, PA

This workshop will offer participants a series of unique healing experiences to unlock new dimensions of personal power in their lives. In this class, we will dive deep into relaxation with energy practices including chanting, tapping, movement and stretching accompanied by a shamanic drumming journey.

Shamanic Journeying is a set of ancient techniques dating back, according to archaeologists, about 30,000 years. Many indigenous cultures throughout the world have used these techniques to access healing and deeper spiritual realms. In the journey process, a rhythm produces a theta state in the brain, connecting participants to a non-ordinary state of consciousness.

No previous experience with journeying or yoga is necessary, as this class will include basic instruction, simple movements and a journey experience accessible for all students.

$30 To register, please contact or 814-932-9205

For more information about a private one on one healing/coaching session individually with Harry or Karen or both together as a team during the weekend of March 29-31, please contact or 440-574-0385.