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Shamanic Journeying is a set of ancient techniques dating back, according to archaeologists, about 30,000 years. Many indigenous cultures throughout the world have used these techniques to access healing and spiritual realms. In this introduction workshop we will utilize a specific tempo and rhythm on the drum, producing a particular sound frequency, which consequently produces a theta state in the brain. This state, usually associated with sleep and dreaming, produces deep relaxation, healing, and often brings profound insight through creative imagery. This unique healing experience can allow participants to unlock new dimensions of personal power in their lives. No previous experience with journeying is necessary as this class will include both basic instruction and a journey experience for all participants.

loving on the edge: an exploration of sacred intimacy

Living a life of sacred intimacy continually challenges us to be vulnerable, open-hearted, face our deepest fears, and live life in alignment with our deepest purpose, values, and intuition. All the relationships in our lives provide a transformational mirror giving us the opportunity to take an honest look at the ways in which we express ourselves fully as well as the ways in which we hide and protect ourselves in order to avoid getting hurt. This interactive and experiential workshop will explore the themes of the masculine and feminine archetypes, sexual polarity, and conscious love in relationships. Participants will have an opportunity to break free from the conventional and sometimes limiting definitions of love, discover greater depths of intimacy in themselves and their relationships, and recognize the healing power of their own unique and sacred gift, the gift of their love.

change your consciouness -- change your life!

Living a powerful and conscious life, free of limitations, involves recognizing that changing our lives begins with changing the relationship we have with ourselves. In this interactive and experiential workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore altered consciousness states as a method of building healthier relationships with their inner selves. Nurturing this internal relationship will often provide new creative solutions to old problems and patterns, deep personal insight, emotional and physical healing, and newly discovered levels of self-acceptance. Come learn how a drum, a specific rhythm, and an ancient healing technique adapted for the modern day can change your life!